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Within the Contivo program the Yara, the Vaderstad and the AGRO.bio have become the strategic partners of the Syngenta.
The BACTOFIL product family has obtained the Hungarian Quality Product Award 2013 September 10.
The Hungarian Quality Product Award competition is the most significant quality certifying system of Hungary.
vou are welcome at the Potato Europe event going to be held soon.
Those who know the AGRO.bio know that the company’s main objective and mission are focussing at the live and healthy soil.
It is Edward Jackson in the picture whom I would like to award with the prize of “The King of Potato”. Edward arrived to Hungary 10 years ago from England and learnt the la...

Data protection

The operator of the www.agrobio.hu is hereby informing the site visitors about the practice of personal data management, as well as the organisational nd technical measures taken for protecting the data and the related rights of the visitors, the possibilities of their enforcement.

1. The data manager

The data manager is the AGRO.bio Hungary Kft (seat: H-9700 Szombathely, Hollán Ernő utca 21.)

2. Scope of the managed data

When visiting the site the following data are being registered automatically: start and end time of the user’s visit, and in some cases – dependign on the setting of the user’s computer – the type of the browser and the operation system. By using these data the system is automatically generating statistical data. The operator is not connecting these data with the personal data. When logging onto the website is sending a session ID which is being deleted automatically when exiting the site.

The data operator is managing the user’s e-mail address, password and user name for enabling the user to use the services. The year of birth, the ZIP code, profession, education are optional data, the services can be used without these data, too.

The management of the data supplied for using the website takes place with the user’s voluntary approval.

3. Objective of data management

The data management serves for the continuous connection between the registered users and the data manager as well as the survey of public opinion.

The time of the visit, the registration and storage of the type of the browser and the operation system serve for statistical purpose only.

The data manager is not suing the personal data for purposes differing from the specified ones. The management of the data supplied in this way takes place with the user’s voluntary approval.

The www.agrobio.hu is handling confidentially all the data and facts related to the users, they are going to be used exclusively for the development of the services, the selling of the promotional surfaces and its own research and statistical purposes. The publication of the related reports can take place in such a format that is not suitable for the individual 9identification of the users.

4. Duration of the data management

The session IDs are being deleted automatically when leaving the site.

The personal data supplied during the registration are being deleted by the data manager if initiated by the user even if the service is being terminated.

The www.agrobio.hu does not assume responsibility for the sites that were already deleted but being still archived with the cooperation of the search engines. The operator of the search engine shall make sure these are being removed.

5. Scope of people having access to the data, data processors

The personal data supplied by the users can be accessed by the data manager’s employees.

The data manager is not disclosing the personal data to third parties who differ from the designated ones. This shall not apply to the data supply prescribed eventually by law that may take place in exceptional situations. Before fulfilling the authority’s data request the data manager shall always check whether there is legal grounds for the data transfer.

6. The user’s rights related to the use of the personal data

The users are deciding about the supplying of the data specified in article two. The legal grounds of the data management consists of the voluntary approval of the users.

The users may ask for information about the management of their personal data. If requested the data manager is informing the concerned person about the related data, the objective of the data management, legal grounds, duration, name and address of the data processor (seat: H-9700 Szombathely, Hollán Ernő utca 21.) and the activity related to the data management and it is also specified who are receiving or have received the data and for what purpose. The information can be requested by using the data manager’s postal address (seat: H-9700 Szombathely, Hollán Ernő utca 21.) and the e-mail address.

Through the same access route one can initiate the correction and deletion of the user’s personal data.

In case of improper use of the site's services or of requested by the user, we are deleting the related data. The deletion shall take place within 24 hours following the next workday after commencing the deletion request.

7. Data protection measures

Our company is storing the personal data on the servers of the Web Hosting Kft. (9700 Szombathely, Semmelweis Ignác u. 2. - Pelikán Palace Irodaház www.webshark.hu) that are protected through personal watch 24 hours and they can be found on the Hungarian Internet fishbone system.

8. Right enforcement possibilities

The user who thinks that the owner of the www.agrobio.hu breached his right to the protection of the personal data, he may enforce his claim before the civil court or he may ask for the support of the data protection commissioner. The detailed legal provisions related to this topic and to the obligations of the data manager are contained 1992/LXIII Act on protection of the personal data and publication of the data of public interest.

When establishing the data protection principles we were considering the 1992/LXIII Act on protection of the personal data and publication of the data of public interest and the 1998/VI Act on protection of the individuals during the processing of the personal data.

9. Information about the hazards endangering the private sphere

By using the Internet one can encounter various hazards endangering the private sphere.

We are drawing your attention that your opinion on the website is considered a personal datum from which one deduce the special data, even your origin, political opinion. These data can become known for everybody.

In order to protect your personal data we suggest using the PET technology (Technology strengthening the private sphere). There are several websites containing the related information.

10. Important websites

Technology strengthening the private sphere

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